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We were there when loyalty marketing became a thing and we’ve LOVED the process of its evolution. We use technology to create powerful customer experiences that build loyalty and boost sales, and we developed a platform that serves them up at a ridiculously low price. Our Persuade Loyalty platform is amazing, but our people have the collective brainpower to actually design and deliver experiences that help you win and keep more customers.

With no ego. We promise.




Our Awesome Clients

We do this because we love our clients. They’re the warriors on the front lines fighting to create meaningful experiences for their customers. They know that customers want brands to know them, love them, and show them they give a gosh darn. That means inspiring them—not just showing them what they want, when they want it (that was so 2010). This is the age of the influencer, the curator and the brand evangelist. In this climate, brands that care enough to create unique experiences show customers they genuinely believe in what they have to offer. 

A Few Of Our Featured Clients 



Small business owners and entrepreneurs deserve a fantastic rental car partner who gives them great perks that actually are rewarding. Providing a "skip-the-pump" award to an owner who is out there hustling for that next deal is not a small matter.

Our dear client just received some love in Loyalty360. Check it out here.



If you’re a frequent flyer on Canadian North, we already like you and the northern spirit you embody. We created Aurora Rewards to show those who live, work and play in this stunningly beautiful part of Canada that this airline loves being their trusted partner who takes them into the wild frontier.



Millennials and generation Z (post millennials) don't care about points programs. At least not the way us in the older generation did (and still do). Designing a rental car reward program that gives these generations an incredible digital-first brand experience at an affordable price isn't easy, but we're working on it.



What the Heck Are Data Elements? Should I Care?

You shouldn't. Unless you're a CMO, then definitely care.

Technology is simply a medium with which you deliver an experience to your customers. That said, our tech is super cool. Like, patent cool.

What makes it different than all the big firms? Glad you asked:

Data elements allow us to create the next promotion that hasn't been thought of yet ... without new code development. 

Ever get a $20K+ estimate from your agency to develop a promotion in your loyalty system? That won't happen with us. 

You actually get the benefits of a core product.

Our clients receive constant improvements to the system; we aren't joking. It seems strange we have to say that, but in loyalty, the struggle is real to have a shared core product baseline. 
Look at how awesome our diagram below is... I mean, just look at it!


Here's How Persuade Loyalty Works:


1 | Define

Your customers' data will constantly change. Let's say you add a new field to your booking system for "type of sparkling water" and now you want to run a promotion on it. 

All you do is tell us — no redevelopment required. You save lots of time and money. 

2 | Utilize

Your members specify the type of sparkling water when making their booking and we run promotions against that new value, all in real time.

3 | Optimize

We track and report on that new element so you can make sure you have plenty of your member's sparkling water on hand. They love you, never leave you and are a loyal customer forever.


— Our Special CRM Partner —



Best-in-class Loyalty services weren't good enough. We needed best-in-class CRM, too.

Our partnership with YES launched in late 2017, and we couldn't be more thrilled to call these folks friends. Persuade Loyalty will allow you to create a loyalty program that your customers can't even imagine yet, while YES will allow you to speak powerfully to them.


Ask us how our partnership can help you drive customer growth and increase business revenue.




Experience Architecture: The State and Future of Loyalty & CRM marketing.

By Joe Doran, VP of Client Services (plus some really smart people)

Loyalty and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is seriously complicated. No other type of marketing is this tightly coupled with technology. You probably think you need degrees in marketing and computer science to get it right, and you're not far off.

Listen to our podcast to learn what’s next. Gain valuable insights into the world of Loyalty & CRM from Joe Doran and some of the brightest minds in the business.

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Who's Running This Show?

You work with the owners and leadership team every day: John, Bill, Joe, Beth and Chris. You’ll like them and their short, easy-to-remember names. Collectively, they have over 100 years of loyalty program expertise. It's crazy how long these luminaries have been in love with loyalty marketing. Our brain trust has worked with virtually everyone in the business. We launched our first client on the Persuade Loyalty platform in 2014 and have added many more since. Let’s just say we’re excited about how the future looks — for Persuade and our clients. 

Cheaper? Faster? Better?

CMO Answer: Our system can do your next promotion, offer, experience without custom development. You can set it up yourself or have us do it for you, but you are no longer constrained by the limitations of development timelines. 

CIO Answer: We're going save you many thousands (if not millions) on development and license fees.

Does Bill Really Fly A Fighter Jet?


Who are the Persuaders?

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